What are Staffing Agencies?

Staffing agencies in this essence are places that actively work to fill roles for clients and find jobs for candidates. In addition to, a staffing agency’s active duty to continuously search our candidates for their client’s roles and get them submitted to their clients for review. Given that clients pay for these services that staffing agencies provide, it’s the job of the staffing agencies to look to find the best candidates for their positions. Furthermore, staffing agencies continuously work with some temporary or contract positions as well. This way candidates always have a landing spot to continuously find new jobs when one ends.

Why are Staffing Agencies Beneficial for Companies?

In fact, there are many ways in which staffing agencies benefit companies. There is always something new to the table that a staffing agency can bring for an organization. Some of the benefits can be fairly simple in terms of benefits to an organization. Some of which should not come as a surprise given the environment of a staffing agency.

Examples of Staffing Agency Benefits

  • Many Companies Have A Need For Short-time Staff:
    • Unlike some businesses, there are many places that do not need people staffed there all the time. This means that positions are part-time, contract, or temporary positions. The benefit of having a staffing agency on hand is that you always have someone available to source a candidate for your many short-term positions!
  • Industry Knowledge:
    • Depending upon what staffing agency you go through, they may be suited for a particular industry’s needs! Meaning that it could specialize in the medical industry, the technology industry, etc. When staffing agencies have an industry niche, they will be more capable of finding you the right candidates for your businesses effectively, and quickly.
  • Quickness to Fill Positions:
    • Your company can be in a situation where someone leaves abruptly and you need to fill a position fast! Consequently, a staffing agency can benefit a company by quickly reaching into a pool of waiting candidates to submit them to be considered for the position. This way a company is never sitting around waiting for a position to be filled, an agency can do it faster!
  • Paperwork:
    • In most staffing agency environments, the dreaded paperwork and onboarding process will be processed by the agency. This way the employer can focus on getting them trained in the position. Then the staffing works on the back-end to process all paperwork with the organization.
  • Reduces Hiring Risks:
    • When a company looks for temporary work, they want an employee properly fit for the part. They know that through a staffing agency they will be paired with the proper candidate. Therefore, through a staffing agency, there is less risk of letting someone go. This is because of a staffing agency’s ability to really review a candidate before they submit them for the job.

Talent Acquisition Versus Recruitment

Also, there is much discussion about the differences between talent acquisition and recruitment. Here is a quick informational video on the differences and similarities of talent acquisition versus recruitment:

Talent Management vs. Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment

Resources featured in this video: Learn about the HR career path: https://searchhrsoftware.techtarget.com/feature/The-human-resources-career-path-From-HR-ass…

Looking for a Career Change by Staffing Agencies?

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