What is ITSM?

Information Technology Service Management or ITSM is how IT works work to manage services from IT to their customers. They help design, deliver, create and work to control IT services that they offer to their customers. It takes regular IT one step further by focusing on the communications of IT services. Those who work in ITSM use a singular software and or a group of software containing multiple apps or applications to help them perform their various job functions in the IT field. ITSM works to help make a standardized pathway to work towards managing all the parts of the IT industry, and work to better automate services and improve efficiency.

ITSM – What is it? Introduction to IT Service Management

https://www.sysaid.com/resources/what-is-itsmITSM, or IT service management, is a dynamic way to manage all IT services in a way that meets the needs of a bu…

What functions belong to IT Service Management?

Some of the function jobs and methods in ITSM and IT Service Management Include:

  • Performance Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Change Management
  • Availability Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Technology infrastructure

There are many certifications that you can take to be registered as an ITSM, Click here for a guide to ITSM certifications that are helpful in being a part of the ITSM field. Working towards these certifications shows recruiters and hiring managers that the candidates are highly qualified to run IT networks and work to better the security of a company. Some of the benefits of an ITSM certification include:

  • Wide range of roles to be able to apply for
    • Development Engineers
    • Consultant
    • Product Developer
    • Supper Manager
  • Certification works to up the pay scale of the ITSM
  • Some jobs require an ITSM certification to even be considered for the position.

Looking for a career in ITSM?

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