There can be a lot of confusing terminology and concepts in the Cybersecurity and technology world, and today we are here to break some of those concepts down. This week the main topic that we’ll discuss is Cybersecurity and the functions of the job and how it compares to other jobs in the industry.

What is Cybersecurity?

The concept of cybersecurity deals with how one protects data, computer systems, networks, electronics, and other sources of technology and data from cyber strikes. Those who work in cybersecurity to work make sure that the amount of attacks is reduced. Therefore, information in networks and technology is safe from those risks. Cybersecurity also works to make sure that there is no damage done to the system hardware and other data stored in the cloud. Cybersecurity can be broken down into three several types:

  • Application Security: The branch of application security deals with the data that lies in the many programs a company uses to keep its business running. Many networks can be intertwined into these various applications companies use. This security has the goal of preventing security breaches within the many applications companies implement.
  • Network Security: Network security moves a step further than application security. Network security dives into how a company can adopt many different practices and processes of detecting misuses in computer networks. Network Security workers make sure that networks are available to those who need them while still protecting those who use them on a daily basis, while constantly monitoring the networks for abnormalities.
  • Cloud Security: In recent years, the storing of data in the popular cloud has been taking place. Therefore, the rise of cloud security has become a sub-level of cybersecurity. Meaning that cloud security deals with monitoring and protecting the private data storage with programs that make aware if there is something unusual happening within cloud data.

Differences between Cybersecurity and IT security

You may have been thinking, don’t those who work in IT technically work in Cybersecurity? While that may seem true from the outside, there are some differences between the two that can be highlighted in terms of job duties and demands:

  • In cybersecurity, work is done to solely protect data and more specifically data that is electronic.
  • IT Security on the other hand exists within the umbrella of IT and deals with protecting any form that data takes within an organization. This could mean either physically or electronically.
  • Cybersecurity works to protect from cyber attacks from hackers on the internet and over networks.
  • IT security works through the day-to-day of an organization’s data security.
  • For a business to function well in terms of security, it should have implications for both IT security and forms of cybersecurity. This will ultimately depend upon their needs.

Staying Safe Online

Furthermore, everyday individuals on the internet are affected by cyber-attacks. Information is being taken right out from underneath them and they may not necessarily know. For more information about how you can be Cyber-conscious, visit the link here! There you can find all the information from Cybersecurity month! This will help protect you and your information while you are out on the web or using unfamiliar networks.

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