What Does A Technical Architect Do?

The primary role of a technical architect or a job title that can also be referred to as IT systems architect; is a person who helps build IT systems. Usually working for clients, technical architects work to build and implement and sometimes maintain those systems for whoever they are working for.

Along with the descriptions above, technical architects are the people who build the key bridges between the IT and business sides of a company. They continuously oversee the efforts being done to continuously build technological systems. Technical architects are in high demand currently.

Salary Range For Technical Architects

Salary ranges differ for this particular position. Although currently, it is estimated that on average, a technical architect can make upwards of a median of $111,000 per year. While the top 86% of technical architects can make upwards of $645,000 on average. Though most technical architects make the median salary for the job, more years of experience can lead to higher salaries.

How to Become a Technical Architect

Qualifications for a technical architect include:

  • Bachelors Degree in areas such as:
    • Information technology
    • Computer Science
    • Software Engineering
  • Earning a Master’s degree in a computer-related field
  • Some skills preferred are:
    • Work experience as a technical architect or project manager
    • Ability to formulate strategic IT solutions
    • Knowledge in Programming
      • Javascript
      • Java
      • SQL
      • SAP
      • Oracle
      • C#
    • Operating System familiarity
      • Windows
      • UNIX
      • MySQL
    • Cloud computing technologies

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