Lead DevOps Engineer

Lead DevOps Engineer


Business Operations is leading the DevOps transformation through our tooling and by being an advocate for change & standards throughout the development, quality, release, and product organizations. We need team members with an appetite for change and pushing the boundaries of what can be done with automation.


  • Experience in working across development, operations, and product teams to prioritize needs and to build relationships is a must.
  • Knowledge in AWS and Kubernetes is desired. Real world experience working with Terraform is a requirement for this position.
  • As the kubernetes subject matter expert, you will manage large scale kops-based kubernetes clusters.
  •  This role will be expected to have experience with adding and editing Instance Groups, kops toolbox templates, alternate CNIs, and how kops integrates with AWS.
  • This role will be required to understand these concepts and operations at a deeper level. Kubeadm experience is also accepted.
  • As the Terraform subject matter expert you will need to understand modules and have developed modules.
  • This role will be expected to understand this technology at a deep level in order to not only build terraform plans from scratch but also support others in the ongoing development of reusable modules.
  • As the Infrastructure as Code subject matter expert, you will need to understand programming methodologies which can be used to augment terraform.
  • This will involve the use of python, bash, or go.
  • This also requires experience in related programming tools like VSCode and git.
  • As a cloud infrastructure and kubernetes administrator, you will need to have the skills of a linux system administrator.
Job Category: DevOps Engineering
Job Type: Contract
Job Location: Missouri St. Louis

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