Preferred Resources, Inc. has provided recruiting and contract staffing services for the information technology community since 1989. Our specialty is solving our client’s staffing and project needs by identifying and recruiting the most highly skilled professionals and matching them with the appropriate opportunity. We are committed to providing superior service, while cultivating long-term relationships with our clients. With our hands-on approach, we guarantee to stay on top of all of our clients IT needs. It is this understanding of our clients, their needs and their business that enables us to serve them with uncompromising quality.

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“I have worked with Preferred Resources Inc. for many years and am pleased to endorse their services to any company in need of IT Professionals. I have had great success in hiring their candidates for FTE, contract/staff augmentation, and consulting. They’ve taken the time to understand my business and project needs from all aspects and continually deliver high-quality candidates to me. ” - John – CIO
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We will provide our clients with superior customer service and value in a timely manner.
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We will provide our clients with superior customer service and value in a timely manner.
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We will achieve our corporate goals in an ethical and honest way, never compromising quality.
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We will continually strive to be the standard by which all other companies in our industry are measured.


In this increasingly competitive global market place, leading-edge companies are evaluating the potential to significantly raise shareholder value by establishing business process outsourcing relationships. Pursuing this path offers the potential to dramatically improve business performance, but it is also a path surrounded by risks. One of the biggest strategic challenges involved in this outsourcing decision is answering the question of whether to partner with an offshore or onshore outsourcing firm.

Preferred Resources, Inc. On-Shore Solutions utilize a 100% USA based work force. This helps both the local and national economies as well as enhancing our clients’ customer bases here at home. On-Shore solutions qualify as a 100% Domestic Product. When jobs stay On-Shore and still provide our clients with competitive outsourcing solutions, everybody wins!

Our Recruiters:

In a fast paced ever changing IT market place Preferred Resources understands the importance of identifying, screening and hiring those individuals who stand out amongst their peers. It requires passionate recruiters with unwavering ethical characteristics to do the right thing for the candidate and the client. Our recruiters are not only experienced in sourcing talent but also supporting candidates through the entire employment transition process. Preferred Resources’ recruiters are equipped with the appropriate tools and training to be successful so that our employees and clients are rewarded with receiving the greatest talent available in today’s market in a cost effective manner. After 25 years of excellence you can be assured we take this very seriously and our reputation supports this commitment to excellence. Preferred Resources is dedicated to pursuing “Simply the Best”.