Software Engineer (QA Automation)

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Software Engineer (QA Automation)

Design and develop end-to-end data validation and testing automation of complex and high volume business process software solutions.

  • Validate system implementations against requirements through definition, execution, automation and tracking of detailed data testing strategies using Oracle, PL/SQL, Toad, and SOL/SQL Plus;
  • Perform End to End system validation including reconciliation of automated Web, Web Service, API, MDM, OLTP, ETL, Data Warehouse and BI Reporting systems;
  • Leverage / contribute / validate systems data processing requirements with Project Manager, Technical Team Lead, Business subject matter experts and 3rd party data providers;
  • Document and execute detailed data validation testing plans, test suites, test cases and test scripts enabling all levels of testing (unit, functional, integration, and regression) using Test Manager;
  • Design, build and implement reusable automated test suite solutions to reduce manual testing overhead;
  • Create automation script in Groovy (with code written through Intellii and stored in a git repository) to directly make call to SOAP API and REST end points to test the interaction of the service with the database, and test business logic independent of User Interface;
  • Maintain back-end requirements with Cucumber following a strict Page Object Model (POM) pattern, and integrate feature files with the Groovy Code and serve as the base for test reports;
  • Test front-end User Interface using GEB framework integrated with Selenium, Groovy and Gradle;
  • Create test jobs on Jenkins to automate schedule/execute the jobs on salve machines without manual intervention.


  • Master’s degree (or the equivalent) in Computer Science/Engineering, Information Technology, MIS or in a closely related field plus minimum 2 year experience (alternatively accept Bachelor’s degree with minimum 5 year experience in the same or a related occupation such as software developer, systems analyst, or programmer analyst.
  • Ability to work well within a team environment and ability to multi-task
  • Advanced interpersonal skills, demonstrating an ability to apply leadership when required
  • Advanced oral and written communication skills

Full time in St. Louis area